About Chaotic Trading

Chaotic Trading is a company specializing in designing and producing high quality organic body piercing jewelry as well as organic fashion jewelry. We have been in the business of Organic body jewelry since 1998 when this type of body jewelry just started being available in shops and becoming popular among body-piercers around the world. We have since then been one of the front-runners of ideas and development for the organic piercing industry and we come out with new ideas, designs and concepts on a regular basis to keep our collection fresh and interesting. We truly understand the value of always giving our customers not just a high quality product for a competitive price but even more importantly giving them products that are up-to-date and in fashion. So in our collection you will find all the classics that make up the base of any good organic jewelry collection as well as the newest trends that will keep your assortment ahead of the competition.

Our office is based on the small Indonesian island of Bali where we do most of our production though we also have a couple of smaller work-shops around other the islands of Indonesia as to diversify our collection of Organic jewelry and body piercing. In Bali arts and crafts is almost like a part of daily life, from preparing the small offerings for the daily blessings to preparing for the large ceremonies in thousands of temples. This makes Bali the ideal place for us to base our main-factory as there are so many able carvers that can make this amazing jewelry out of pieces of wood, bone or horn, it is truly an art-form and for some of the pieces we produce it takes years and years to learn.

Our organic body jewelry collections are made out of the finest organic materials such as buffalo horn, cow bone, assorted exotic woods, sea shells and coral and 925 sterling silver. None of the materials used are prohibited or protected and we make sure that our production does not have any negative impact on the environment. All animal products used are bi-products from meat-production of domesticated animals ; we are not killing any animals just to get the horn or bones from them. As for the shells we are using we acquire them from sustainable shell farms as well as from beaches, we do not take any shells or corals from the sea or from reefs. All wood that are being bought to produce our organic wood jewelry are purchased from licensed suppliers though we try to get most of the wood for our organic wood jewelry from left-over material from the huge Indonesian furniture industry.

In addition to making sure we are not making any negative foot-print in our amazing natural surroundings we are also running a program of employing and teaching a group of people from our area that are in wheel-chairs. Carving is very ideal for them as you sit down when you work and it is quite difficult for them to find work elsewhere. We are always trying for new ways of not just improve out body jewelry collection and service but also to improve on the area where we live as well as making sure everyone that is working for us are well looked after.

The organic body-piercing and organic jewelry market is growing daily with more and more people wanting to wear jewelry that is made from natural materials produced in a sustainable way. Please give it a try yourself and you will notice what we are talking about, browse through out amazing and innovative collections to see what could be added to your own store or jewelry collection. Organic jewelry and body piercing was the first type of jewelry that was ever made and many of these classic designs will never go out of fashion unlike mass-produced fashion jewelry. This makes it also attractive as a safe investment as it will still be popular and fashionable for years to come.

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