Shipping & Return Policy


We will ship the order within three working days of receiving full payment. We ship the goods using DHL or UPS unless otherwise specified. We require the customer to sign for the goods once received and doing so confirming that all the items have been received in full and that there is nothing missing. No claims for missing items will be accepted beyond this point.

Delivery time is usually 5 working days from the time the goods are delivered to the courier service. We are not liable for any delay caused by the courier so please make sure to state the correct shipping address including postal-code and phone-number as these are the most common causes of delay.

We are also not liable for any delay caused by restrictions of importing certain materials, horn, bone, shell, etc. We will always declare your good as assorted fashion accessories unless otherwise specified. If the customer wants to include other information in the shipping invoice, information has to be provided to us by the customer. We can include a letter of origin free of charge upon request.

If by any chance the courier is unable to deliver the goods due to absence of the customer at the delivery address the goods will be returned to us. The order is then considered void and we will refund payment less shipping, custom fees & handling charges as well as a 20% restocking fee.


We only accept returns if the claim is reported within 2days of receiving the goods. Any claims 3 days after receiving the goods wont be considered and no replacements or refunds will be allowed.

We only accept returns on broken goods. Please note that all of our goods are hand-made and there might be slight variations in size, shape and color, this does not qualify for the goods being broken thus does not qualify for a return. We only accept the returns of the broken items in question and we will make a partial refund for these items only.

For us to be able to process a return the customer have to fill out a return form and submit it through our website. The form has to be submitted to us within 2 days of receiving the goods and all fields have to be clearly filled in including an explanation as to why the goods want to be returned. We will then respond to the claim within 3 working days and settle the claim. Please note that in some cases proof of broken goods e.g. photos might be wanted before approving the refund.

Purchases made via Paypal are either refunded in cash or replaced/credited with the next order depending on the wishes from the customer. Refunds for orders made with T/T (bank-transfer) will only be refunded towards the next order as credit or replacements for the broken item(s). Please note that no refunds will be given without an approval from us.

For any further questions on this please contact us.

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